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Warranty procedure

Procedure in the event of a problem/breakage under warranty

Manufacturers offer warranties covering varying periods. The warranty periods and terms and conditions can be found on all manufacturers’ websites. In many cases, our job is to act as intermediary between manufacturers and customers. Here’s a typical warranty procedure:

Problem/breakage identification
1. Use your best judgment to determine whether your problem/breakage is subject to a warranty claim and is not caused by a fall or negligence.

Consideration of manufacturer’s warranty policies
2. Check the part manufacturer’s website for warranty terms and conditions.

Find your proof of purchase
3. Find your proof of purchase and determine whether your part is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us
4. If this is the case, please contact us. A very effective way is to start by e-mailing us photos at info@velozophie.ca to proceed with a pre-assessment of the warranty case. You can, of course, come into the store with photos or with your part and proof of purchase in hand, although we usually keep a record of your purchase in your customer account in case you lose your invoice.

5. Our staff will guide you through the next steps in the event of a warranty claim.

6. Manufacturers’ warranties are based entirely on their assessment of your request, and our role as intermediary ends there. If the problem/breakage of your part is not covered by the warranty, our team will suggest the best solutions to solve your problem or recommend a replacement product to get you back on the bike as quickly as possible. After all, customer satisfaction is our priority.